BanksDataCom Frequently Asked Questions

Call BanksDataCom at 252-227-4367 or email Monthly online backup and data protection plans for your storage and support needs.

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How do I get started with Banksdatacom online backup or storage?

BanksDataCom will provide a one-time, no-cost assessment of your data or storage needs. You can either call BanksDataCom at 252-227-4367 or use our online contact form to decribe your needs. We'll do all the rest!

What type of internet connection is required

BanksDataCom recommends a high-speed DSL, broadband or fiber optics connection for best results. However, we have found that most internet connections, except for modem dial-up connections, will be able to handle online data backup or storage. Of course, the speed at which the data transfer takes place will be affected by your internet connection. Consult with your BanksDataCom technical representative for best results

Are there any special software or hardware requirements?

There are no particular hardware or software requirements as BanksDataCom solutions will work with Windows, Apple, Linux and Unix operating systems. Our online backup software installs easily and we can assist you with setup if needed.

What if I get a "backup failed" or other error message?

Should you receive a message that a backup failed, a folder was skipped or issues were encountered, make a note of the warning or error message and contact BanksDataCom at for assistance. We'll get you up and running quickly.

Will I get updates on the status of my online backups or storage servers

BanksDataCom's online backup services include management reports that provide daily status reports, telling you if the backup was successful or encountered errors. Customers can use this as assurance that their backups are indeed running, what was backed up and issues they made need help with.

What do I do if my storage quota is exceeded?

A warning that your storage quote has been exceeded means the amount of data being stored or backed up has increased beyond the allocated storage limit for your account. Contact to upgrade your subscription and monthly storage allocation

Open your account and receive one month FREE online backup or server lease (custom server setup fees may apply). Need more information first? Contact us!

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