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BanksDataCom Data Assessment

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Call BanksDataCom at 252-227-4367 or email Monthly online backup and data protection plans for your storage and support needs.

Who is watching your data?

Most businesses have trouble monitoring their data -- live data and backups often get out of synch, creating havoc when a server goes down or a network fails. It's not usual for business owners to discover unpleasant surprises about the state of their priceless information. Pointing fingers doesn't get data restored and the business back in operation.

BanksDataCom Data Assessment Services

An experienced BanksDataCom data management consultant can give you the answers you need to avert costly downtime and data loss. Here's what we do:

Conduct an initial analysis of your current storage across your business network Assess the reliability of your current backup system
Evaluate your total backup storage requirements Measure the effects on network speed and performance created by your current backup and storage methods
Recommend a manageable, affordable solution Implement the initial online backups and/or storage plans and assist you with scheduling and monitoring.
Meet regularly with you to keep your plans up- to-date and failsafe!

How to order a Data Assessment from BanksDataCom

Simply call us or complete our online inquiry form. A BanksDataCom representative will contact you and schedule an interview regarding your data assessment needs. You are under no obligation. You will receive a written estimate from BanksDataCom should you decide to proceed.

Open your account and receive one month FREE online backup or server lease (custom server setup fees may apply). Need more information first? Contact us!

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